Our Story

Idag vi vill att all glass ska vara supergod, ekologisk och tillverkad med bra veganingredienser. Vi utmanar alla matproducenter att endast jobba med ekologiska, rena och växtbaserade ingredienser som är bra för människor, djur och vår miljö, miljövänliga förpackningar samt hållbar produktion. Det är inte okej att använda tillsatser, kemikalier och ohälsosamma ingredienser i mat.

  • Spring 2012 The idea behind Lily & Hannas was born when my daughter Lily had to stop eating dairy.

  • Summer 2012 As we love ice cream, we (mostly Hanna) started exploring the possibility of making an ice cream that was both wonderfully delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • September 2012 the ice cream turned out so delicious that we decided to make it into a business. Why should ice creams in stores be full of additives and dairy when vegan ice creams with only good ingredients can be so delectable?!

  • Autumn/winter 2012 and spring 2013 a lot of development to place to finalise the most delicious recipes, finding a friendly, small scale handmade manufacturing, biodegradable packaging and so on, took place.

  • June 2013 Finally our organic vegan ice dream was launched! It was a magical to see our ice dreams in shops around Stockholm.

  • We continuously work to improve our ice dreams and make it more available.

Lily & Hanna's