Lily & Hanna,
WELcOme to ouR
woRLd oF delicious
iCe DREams!

100% VeGaN


To super duper yummie
taste & creaminess!


To additives, chemicals,
refined ingredients,
animal products, sugar,
milk and gluten!

Our IcE

We love ice cream and think we make the most delicious ice cream in the world. But, we also want it to be the healthiest and most environmentally friendly ice cream. Would you like to try some?

About Lily & Hanna’s

‘The idea behind Lily & Hanna’s was born, when my daughter Lily, had to stop eating dairy. As we both love ice cream, I started to explore the possibility of making an ice cream that was both wonderfully delicious as well as healthy and environmentally friendly. The result is Lily & Hanna’s’ – Hanna Reimers, founder of Lily & Hannas.

All our ice creams are 100% vegan, organic and free from additives as well as super delicious.

Remember to take our ice dreams out of the freezer around 30 minutes before eating. As they don’t contain any additives at all, they need a bit more time to become deliciously creamy.

oRGANic & VEGAn IcE DreaM!

Lily & Hannas white vegan ice creams
Made of


Lily & Hannas green leaves

100% VeGaN
GoODNeSs InSidE!


GLuTen-Free CoOkiES, no additives

We take our ingredients seriously. All our ingredients are of the very best quality,vegan, organic, natural, as well as wonderfully delicious. The creaminess comes from cashew nuts that are blended with coconut milk. The ice dreams are sweetened with plant nectar which has a low glycaemic index (GI 35). It is always vegan, organic and completely free from additives. We find this makes for the most delicious experience.

The ice dreams are flavoured with 100% natural ingredients like vanilla bean, organic strawberries, ethically grown cacao, freshly squeezed lemon juice and exotic spices. All organic.


We challenge ‘food’ that looks delicious and tastes ok, but, makes you feel bad. We give more enjoyment while eating but also afterwards. Why make or eat ice cream full of additives. chemicals, refined ingredients and dairy when it is so delicious with healthy and friendly ingredients.

By making an ice cream in this way, we hope to inspire other food companies to work more ethically.

100% of electricity used
in our manufacturing comes
from renewable sources.
(wind and wave power)

THank You!

to all of you who buy our ice dreams and help spread the word about it, without you this journey would not have been possible!


If you don't find our ice creams nearby, please let us know and we try to get it to near you! In Sweden ICA, Coop and City Gross have our ice creams in the own warehouses, so it's easiest for theses stores to get it.


Two ladies in vegan ice cream store of stockholm smiling a each other
Lady taking a photo of vegan ice cream from iPhone
Man eating vegan ice cream in Stockholm
Vegan ice cream on cycle stand in Stockholm
Person holding vegan chocolate and strawberry ice cream
Vegan chocolate ice cream with hazelnut
Girl in swimming pool eating chocolate ice cream
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