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Yes! To super delicious ice cream full of taste and creaminess


No! To additives, chemicals, refined ingredients, animal products, sugar, milk and gluten

Our Story

  • Spring 2012 The idea behind Lily & Hannas was born when my daughter Lily had to stop eating dairy.

  • Summer 2012 As we love ice cream, we (mostly Hanna) started exploring the possibility of making an ice cream that was both wonderfully delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • September 2012 the ice cream turned out so delicious that we decided to make it into a business. Why should ice creams in stores be full of additives and dairy when vegan ice creams with only good ingredients can be so delectable?!

  • Autumn/winter 2012 and spring 2013 a lot of development to place to finalise the most delicious recipes, finding a friendly, small scale handmade manufacturing, biodegradable packaging and so on, took place.

  • June 2013 Finally our organic vegan ice dream was launched! It was a magical to see our ice dreams in shops around Stockholm.

  • We continuously work to improve our ice dreams and make it more available.

Our Ice Dreams

We love ice cream and want to make the most delicious ice creams in the world. But, we also want it to be the best and healthiest ice cream. Would you like to try some?

About Lily & Hannas ‘The idea behind Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dreams was born, when my daughter Lily, had to stop eating dairy. As we both love ice cream, I started to explore the possibility of making an ice cream that was both wonderfully delicious as well as healthy and environmentally friendly. The result is Lily & Hannas’ – Hanna Reimers, founder of Lily & Hannas. All our ice creams are 100% vegan, organic and free from additives.

Remember to take our ice dreams out of the freezer at least 30 minutes before eating them. They don’t contain any additives at all, so they need a bit more time to become deliciously creamy.

Ingredient Philosophy: we take our ingredients seriously. All our ingredients are of the very best quality, vegan, organic natural, as well as wonderfully delicious. The creaminess comes cashew nuts that are mixed with coconut milk. The ice dreams are sweetened with plant nectar which has a low glycaemic index (GI 35).
The ice dreams are is flavoured with natural vanilla, organic strawberries, ethically grown cacao, freshly squeezed lemon juice and exotic spices. All organic.

Our Vision

We want all food to be delicious for humans, animals and our planet.

We challenge ‘food’ that looks delicious and tastes ok, but, makes you feel bad after eating it. We want to give more enjoyment and fun while eating but also afterwards. Why make ice cream full of additives. chemicals, refined ingredients and dairy when it can be so delicious with healthy and friendly ingredients.

By making an ice cream in this way, we hope to inspire other food companies to work more ethically.

Delicious ENERGY
100 % of electricity used in our manufacturing comes from renewable sources (wind and wave power)

Only vegan, organic, natural ingredients without additives


If you don't find our ice creams nearby, please let us know and we try to get it to near you! In Sweden ICA, Coop and City Gross have our ice creams in the own warehouses, so it's easiest for theses stores to get it.

Also available in good health food stores in Belgium and in The Netherlands at De Bijenkorf from May 2019.

To you who buy our ice dreams

We are so very grateful to all of you who buy our ice dreams and help spread the word about it. You are the best and without you, this journey would not have been possible.
Thank you !


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Gott & gott 🍓🍫 Vilken är din favorit? 🌟 ...

Vi bara älskar våra glasspinnar, så ljuvligt goda, perfekta mellanmålet 😻 Finns hos ICA 😋😋😋 ...

Härligaste restaurangcheferna äter Lily & Hannas <3 Du kan smaka på våra pinnglassar hos @thegreenqueensthlm 💚 ...

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Njut av våra härliga glassar. Alltid vegan, ekologiska och helt utan tillsatser, mums! Finns hos ICA, Coop, City Gross och mathem 💚 #vegan #ekologiskt #utantillsatser #supergott ...

Alltid vegan, ekologisk, utan tillsatser, hitta dem på Coop, ICA, City Gross och mathem 💚 #supergott #vegan #ekologiskt #utantillstaser ...

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

What does vegan mean?

Vegan means that we don’t use any animal ingredients. That has advantages for animals and according to new research also for health and for the environment.

What do we use instead of milk?

Instead of milk, cream and additives, we use a mixture of cashew nuts and coconut milk in our ice creams. It gives a beautiful creamy texture and is completely free from additives like gums.

What does organic mean?

For best quality and flavour we use only organic ingredients. That means ingredients that are grown without synthetic fertilisers and synthetic pesticides. By working with only natural, organic ingredients, we think that there is both a better flavour and a better aftertaste.

What do we use to flavour our ice dreams considering that we don’t use flavourings nor additives?

Instead of additives like flavourings we use real ingredients. For example our strawberry ice cream contains 30% strawberries instead of flavourings and colourings. Delicious!

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