Mango Passion Toffee Pie

The ice cream is incredibly luxurious and rich, but at the same time fruity and fresh. There is an enticing contrast in both taste and texture between the fresh sauce, the creamy ice cream and luxurious pieces of cookie.  

Ingredients: water, cashew nuts*, brown rice syrup*, coconut milk*, cold pressed coconut oil*, syrup of nectar from coconut blossom*, dried nectar from coconut blossom*, mango (1%)*, agave nectar*, peach*, cacao butter*, lemon juice*, passionfruit juice*, kuzu root*, sea salt and cinnamon*.
*Organic ingredient.
Nutritional information per 100 g (about 110 ml)
Energy1261 kJ/ 302 kcal
Fat20,7 g
of which saturated11,6 g
Carbohydrates26,8 g
of which sugars18,4 g
Proteins4,5 g
Salt109 mg
Lily & Hanna's