FAQ - frequently asked questions

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What does vegan mean?

Vegan means that we don’t use any animal ingredients. That has advantages for animals and according to new research also for health and for the environment.

What do we use instead of milk?

Instead of milk, cream and additives, we use a mixture of cashew nuts and coconut milk in our ice creams. It gives a beautiful creamy texture and is completely free from additives like gums.

What does organic mean?

For best quality and flavour we use only organic ingredients. That means ingredients that are grown without synthetic fertilisers and synthetic pesticides. By working with only natural, organic ingredients, we think that there is both a better flavour and a better aftertaste.

What do we use to flavour our ice dreams considering that we don’t use flavourings nor additives?

Instead of additives like flavourings we use real ingredients. For example our strawberry ice cream contains 30% strawberries instead of flavourings and colourings. Delicious!
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